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Be found and make a virtual connection Innovation is key to competitiveness. Those who differentiate themselves by adapting new, richer contact experiences have a greater chance of market growth in today’s global village.  In the case of office space rental for example, innovation leads to increased occupancy levels.
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  • As a new marketing tool, your building in Google EarthTM gives you a global reach.
  • As part of your branding strategy, it adds a completely new dimension
  • 3d-Google Earth gives you a bricks and mortar presence in a virtual world…
  • It adds a whole new dimension to your current 2D website...


the Naledi3d Factory’s approach to 3d-Google EarthTM builds on a decade of experience in 3D and interactive VR worlds. Our fabric and culture is 3D – hence we can produce the most compelling customised Google Earth 3D content.

We offer only quality, realistic 3D models – showcasing your company in the best possible way.

We create high quality 3D models of your building(s), accessible to millions of people worldwide. For a once-off, very affordable investment, you can be in the Google Earth layer, with exposure to a global audience.

When people click on your building, an information box will appear explaining your company and location, together with a link back TO your website.

Conversely, if you use Google Maps as part of your “Contact us” page, then we can also link directly FROM your website straight to your new 3D presence.