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There are many positive aspects to buying a 3D model from us, that is placed on Google Earth. Obviously, the main point is that you will get an affordable, high quality, photo textured 3D model for your business that will go on Google Earth, creating plenty of publicity for your company.

When the 3D model has been accepted by Google Earth, people (both international as well as local) will be able to see your model, and even find your business using the Google Earths search bar. When a person clicks on the model, a text-box will appear, with much more information on your business, including a link to your main web-site.

Unlike many marketing tools and media, you get all this and more for a once-off project cost. A typical billboard for example can cost R20 000 – R30 000 and upwards per month and only reaches people passing by. Print and TV media give you exposure only for the life or duration of that specific print or broadcast. Repeat exposure is required and usually involves considerable further expense.

For a fraction of the cost of a TV advert, you can get a 3D presence on the Internet for life.

The project cost will vary depending on the complexity and size of your building, but is also a once-off cost. Your building stays for life in that particular location…

Any future changes to the building itself, or the associated text would of course  be treated as a separate project.