What is the process?

Google EarthTM in 3D


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By working together, we can:

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    Make a detailed and textured 3D representation of your building(s) (outer surfaces) using either your photos or preferably through a site visit from our team




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    Place your 3D building in Google Earth, which includes an approval process by Google. Your building will be placed in the same location as the real structure, based on the Google Earth co-ordinate system



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    Add a brief description of your building and business, including contact information and a link to your website (up to c.1 000 words)

    Optionally, link also to a “Place page” (a sort of mini web page) that can contain other images and background information.




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    It is also now possible to link to Google Earth in Google Maps, where the new “Earth” button lets a Google Maps user view a sub-set of Google Earth, including any available 3D buildings at that locale