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The Naledi3d Factory represents EON Reality in sub-Saharan Africa and distributes EON Reality's VR hardware and software solutions in the region

EON Reality, Inc. is a leading interactive Simulation-Based Learning solutions provider for businesses and education using Virtual Reality technologies.  

With EON’s VR solutions, users are able to create realistic product experiences anytime, anywhere. EON delivers versatile productivity to the aerospace/defence, education, energy, government, industrial and medical sectors.

Industry and academic institutions use EON’s interactive 3D technology solutions to increase sales, better communicate product functionality, decrease the cost of training and travel less by facilitating 3D rich communication.

Video: EON Reality demo facility in Irvine, Ca.

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Quick Facts:
EON Reality, Inc. is a privately held US corporation founded in 1999. The headquarters are in Irvine, CA, with a development office in Gothenburg, Sweden, R&D in Singapore and sales and support Offices in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia

  • 36 resellers in 23 countries
  • Over 36 million EON-based 3D downloads on the largest e-tailing site in the world
  • Over 5,000 EON software seats installed worldwide
  • Over 130 academic Institutions are using EON’s 3D software / hardware solutions in 25 countries
  • Fortune 500 companies that utilize EON solutions include American Suzuki, Bechtel Corp., Boeing, Eastman Kodak, ExxonMobil, Maytag, Office Depot, Suzuki, and Toyota


Advisory Board Members:

Göran Malm

Samsung Board of Directors. President Dell Computer Asia

Bill Fields

President and CEO, Wall-Mart Stores

Magnus Moliteus

CEO, Pharmacia Inc

Walt Scacchi

Research Director, Institute for Software, University of California, Irvine


EON Coliseum, an interactive 3D virtual meeting tool is an Web conferencing tool that enables individuals and businesses to present and share their ideas, communicate complex concepts and collaborate in 3D. Combining in one application rich media such as 3D worlds, slideshows, videos, avatars, voice, chat, and interactive 3D objects - virtually - from anywhere in the world.

It allows users to interact, collaborate and communicate in 3D. The ability to share rich media such as 3D worlds, slideshows, videos, avatars, voice, chat, and interactive 3D objects, 3D stereo content, presentations, videos and 3D applications in real time allows collaboration and enable the communication and sharing of complex concepts.

It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to organize and attend online meetings while maintaining personal and product interaction. Patented technology enables co-workers, customers and prospects to view any 3D interactive product, video feed or application running on your PC in real time. With the flexibility to meet and sharing in a virtual reality environment, you will be able to do more - and travel less.

How does EON Coliseum differ from other online meeting products?

  • EON Coliseum is very easy to use. It takes only three steps to join a meeting.
  • EON Coliseum offers the easiest workflow to create a 3D meeting environment that embodies custom 3D content according to the user's preference.
  • EON Coliseum stands out from the other online meeting product because it offers multi-modal communication capabilities in a virtual reality environment.

Learn more at www.eonreality.com/eon-coliseum/

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Feature Highlights

  • Shared immersive 3D online virtual collaborative environments
  • Enable Stereoscopic 3D meetings
  • Virtual presentation surfaces
  • Schedule ahead or meet instantly
  • Voice over IP and video
  • High levels of realism with visual rendering effects and physics based realistic interactivity
  • Conduct interactive training
  • Customer support
  • Sales presentation
  • Integrated phone conferencing
  • Secured online meeting protocols
  • Datalink node to any software that supports TCP/UDP
  • Allows for a richer and more stimulating learning experience
  • Scalable publishing formats from laptop to auditorium size displays