News from 2012

December 2012
The chances of being killed in a road accident in South Africa are almost six times higher than the UK and the lack of road safety education is a major factor. We have submitted a Indiegogo project to do something about this

September 2012
Rand Water has established a new training centre - the “Rand Water Academy”. We are proud to be able to create a vision of how the new Academy could look in its own new, bespoke building – and which would have a Lecture Wing and a separate Technical wings.

March 2012
First-year students often struggle to grasp the basic maths concepts that underpin computer programming. We worked with TUT’ and their Foundation students, using VR to show how program variables, fractions and measurements work in practice.

October 2012
On the road with Scully Scooters
Guided by our recent MoU, we plan to support Scully’s Scooters with 3D training material as they help people move to scooters as a low cost and convenient form of transport; and are even planning to start with a good, old fashioned scooter “Ride-Safe” board game.