Reports and Articles


Why Google Earth and 3D
A report on how to get value from Google Earth in 3D (Prepared by Dave Lockwood, the Naledi3d
Factory, 2011)

3d Interactive Visual Simulations (VR) as an aid to learning in Africa:
An evaluation - Final Report, Volume 1

Rising to the African education challenge Support Virtual Reality in Africa for Africa by Africa
An appeal to donor agencies & foundations

Evaluation of virtual reality in Africa: an educational perspective  Dave Lockwood (CI-2004/WS/1)
Download Report (CI-2004/WS/1)

Evaluación De La Realidad Virtual En África: Una Perspectiva Pedagógica
(Published by UNESCO in 2004)

VR in education - “QUOTABLE QUOTES”

3D Interactive Visual Simulations (VR) as an aid to Learning in Africa: Evaluation of VR in Africa an educational perspective
(Published by UNESCO in 2004)

3d Interactive Visual Simulations (VR) as an aid to learning in Africa:
Survey results - Uganda and South Africa, Volume 2

Comparison of and characteristics of educational multi-media
(Jacques Hugo - Usability Sciences)

The Global Approach to Teaching and Learning (Dr RS Day)

The Human Brain and Mind (Dr RS Day)

VR from an African Educational Perspective
(Dr R Kizito - UNISA)

Building Open Learning Communities for Gender Equity with the Support of ICTs: Workshop Report (UNESCO WebWorld)


Global Innovation in Emerging Economies. IDRC 2011
August 2011
See pp196 – 203 for a discussion on the Naledi3d Factory and our global innovation system

Leaking taps and SimCity … the relevance of ‘i3dlos’ and 3D simulations to Africa
Written on 31 January, 2011 by Kerryn

Using VR for Human Development in Africa.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications – May/June 2008

Paper vs Pixels
Enjin Magazine, issue 16

VR in Africa Hear - See - Do - Learn
Johan Bouwer, High IQ for Humanity

Social implications of Virtual Worlds

Digital Creativity, Vol 13 No.1 PP3-6 September 2002