Prof. Bob Stone Human Interface Technologies Team

Prof. Bob Stone

Prof. Bob Stone Human Interface Technologies Team (University of Birmingham, UK)… and in particular it’s Director, Professor Bob Stone (Chair of Interactive Multimedia Systems) at the University. Bob has a background in psychology and ergonomics, spent time at British Aerospace and the UK’s National Advanced Robotics Research Centre before becoming a Director for one of Europe’s original Virtual Reality companies.

In 1996, he became an Academician of the Russian International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and an Honorary Cossack (!) in 2003. Bob is also a member of a number of NATO specialist groups concerned with human factors, unmanned systems, VR and serious applications of gaming technologies and most recently, the recently-established UK Serious Games Evaluation Unit. A very knowledgeable and interesting fella, and one of the leading lights in the European VR field

One of the more interesting VR people that we know, with a fascinating background and an inspiration to us all.