Some of our Past Projects

SANERI – Robben Island Greening programme (2010)
Robben Island is a World Heritage site and ecologically extremely sensitive. In 2011 SANERI contracted us to develop an interactive 3D visual impact analysis of two renewable energy types, i.e. wind and solar energy on the island. SANERI wanted to see what the visual impact would be of setting up wind turbines and solar panels on an ecologically and historically sensitive site such as Robben Island. The advantage of our 3D simulation is that the user can move to practically any vantage point to see what the installation would look like from that angle. Different types of wind turbines such as large ‘palm’ turbines, ‘kestrel’ turbines and vertical drum wind turbines can be selected and placed on the terrain. Solar panel fields can also be selected and placed on the terrain.
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robben island

Exploring the potential for the use of “SimCity” as a town management training tool – SAFIPA (2009)
A major challenge to effective service delivery and the roll out and maintenance of vital infrastructure in South Africa is the lack of skills in municipalities, especially in our smaller towns and rural districts.

One way to address this issue is to use a simulation game that can help senior municipal decision makers in to better understand issues around spatial development and scarce resource allocation. This project explored whether some of the visual elements of SimCity (especially buildings) could be replaced to better reflect a South African rural townscape – hence giving the popular SimCity a local context.    
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Green Geyser (2009)
As South Africa grapples with electricity supply problems and increasing energy prices, innovative minds are coming up with cost effective solutions that promise to cut ordinary consumers’ electricity bills and also make a significant contribution to solving our environmental problems. This project shows how such an innovation works - the “green geyser” - and show how it can be integrated into a domestic environment. 
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Translation of i3dlo’s for the Independent Development Trust (2009)
The Independent Development Trust (IDT) works towards the eradication of poverty; promoting sustainable development and the creation of sustainable livelihoods.

Towards these goals, this project led to the translation of 17 existing interactive3d learning objects (i3dlo’s) into two other South African languages, Sepedi and isiZulu.  These new .versions have been made publically available via our i3dlo web portal. In this way, they can be downloaded and in rural development and other training initiatives.  Download PDF - 498 KB     back to top ↑

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Soil conservation in Zimbabwe (in collaboration with World Links Zimbabwe)
WK Kellogg Foundation (2007-09)

Soil conservation is becoming more and more of a crucial issue in Southern Africa, and five interactive3d learning objects were built to address this issue, including raindrop, sheet and rill erosion, formation and one remedial measure – building a simple stone check.

In addition, because soil loss is a major issue in Southern Africa; two easy ways to survey and mark out a field using an A-frame and a Line Level are also addressed,  including how to make the equipment needed. By understanding where the level contour lines lie in a field, and by ploughing along these contours, run-off and resulting soil loss is minimised - and more water is retained in the field for use by plants.
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Crop pests in Zimbabwe (in collaboration with World Links Zimbabwe)
WK Kellogg Foundation (2007-09)

Drought isn't a farmer's only enemy, insects can attack crops and vegetables with devastating results.  Farmers need to know what these pests look like so that they can take appropriate steps to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

This comprehensive interactive3d learning object looks at a number of common insect pests and at both chemical as well as non-chemical solutions that can be applied relatively cheaply. The learner is placed within a ploughed land that contains different crops. The user interacts with these crops to find out which pests affect them and how they can be treated Download PDF - 597 KB     back to top ↑

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