360° virtual tours and digital twins come into their own when you want to showcase or manage existing spaces.

Museums and heritage spaces are obvious examples that can benefit from a 360° virtual tour.

Virtual visitors anywhere in the world can experience your museum or heritage space. You increase your visitor numbers, and the virtual visitor gets an excellent feel for the museum space. They may also be incentivized to visit your premises.

A 360° virtual tour is an immersive, interactive experience that allows visitors to explore a space as if they were actually present. It can also include other forms of multimedia content, such as photos, text, and audio.

It is typically used for real estate, commercial property rentals, tourism, and education, to show off a location or venue.

360° Videos can be embedded directly in your website or uploaded to Facebook or YouTube-360 and are viewable on nearly any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or virtual reality platform.

A 360-degree digital twin, on the other hand, is a digital replica of a real-world object, space or location. They can meet various needs, such as design, building management and infrastructure maintenance, representing an object (an air conditioning system, for example) or site (an office building) in a digital environment.

Why not give your clients a walk-through experience of your premises that will immediately create a direct, albeit digital, connection with your property, premises, product, or service.

We can also enhance your virtual tour by using popup tags and notes to enrich your tour information. We can also link to other documents and videos that help to market your site in the digital world.

360° digital tours can benefit commercial and private properties, hotels and guesthouses, heritage, museums, gallery spaces, venues, and arenas.

Post-pandemic, our way of working is changing in so many ways, so why not harness some of the new 4IR tools that you have at your fingertips to:

  • Stand head and shoulders above your competition – through innovation.
  • Help your potential clients get an authentic experience of your premises— its look and feel, its overall size, dimensions and scale, features, and content.
  • Transcend the limitations of words, pictures and videos found on traditional websites to showcase the experience and features potential clients can expect when visiting you.
  • Post directly from your website, add a link to social media posts, and drive traffic to your website.
  • Create 4k print-quality images for your other printed and online promotions.
  • Maximize efficiency and reduce time and travel costs for site inspections.
  • Support event planning and “flows” by creating an interactive 3D record of your premises, their features, and interiors.
  • Induct and train new employees!

And much more.