Some first thoughts

Dave, it is a great team that you have, as I am sure that you know
Leigh Beebe, AngloGold Ashanti

I believe Naledi3d Factory’s new, innovative approach (applying what is essentially a first-world technology) to education – and building interactive VR environments -are improving the way Africans learn… – Dr Fay Chung, previous Minister of Education, Zimbabwe

I have personally been impressed by the company’s commitment to, in the spirit of post apartheid South Africa, seek new solutions and share know-how for the public good across the continent. -Peter Schiøler, CII Advisor to UNESCO

The concept of “interactiove3d learning objects”, while unique worldwide, truly has the potential to revolutionise rural development and the upliftment of our disadvantaged communities… -Eliada Gudza, Executive Director, World Links Zimbabwe

the Naledi3d Factory have been unique in truly developing the educational potential of VR technology – by applying with great skill, innovation and imagination, the technology’s attributes… using visual metaphors independent of literacy levels or a specific spoken language -Blair Parkin, MD, Visual Acuity Limited, UK

Feedback from trainee water technicians (East Rand, 2011)

It helps a lot with the visualization and it makes things easy to do at a later stage Yes. VR helped with the visualization of what to do, and to know which tool to use. Is it possible to make copies of the program available so we can learn on our own
Lucky Nonyane

It’s made (water) sampling much easier to do VR makes learning much easier We need the VR system
Daniel Masole

It was easy and I can do it on my own It explains beautifully, and the display of it is nice and easily gives me more knowledge Not much more can be added, since everything was demonstrated and the explanation was nice and wonderful
Prudence Mbenambi

After the VR experience, I can now replace tap washers with a lot of confidence
Lerato Ntaote

I am confident that I can sample water and wastewater for lab analysis with the help of the VR lesson The VR lesson should be implemented, it makes learning easier
Joseph Motshwangesi

By seeing, it was easy to understand how to replace a washer Not much more can be added, since everything was explained and demonstrated in a very understandable manner
David Finnes

I didn’t expect that VR can really help, but it was (in fact) really helpful, I learnt so much more After the VR lesson I am very confident that I can replace tap washers”
95% (19/20) said they benefited from the VR, either because it was visual, it explained step by step and VR helped more than expected 100% found it very useful in grasping concept, mentioning “visual”, “seeing what to do” or that it was easy to understand as they can “see” what to do 90% (17/20) said they were now more confident, that washer replacement or water sampling was a more involved process (more steps) but the visual presentation helped them to understand
Shai Masislo Samuel

Ethiopian artisan students on the LKDF Interact diesel engine (Salem Vocational College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015)

Learning with VR it’s interesting, satisfying and easy to understand Learning with VR technology saves time and seeing the engine components makes it easier to understand therefore less time is spent on thinking trying to figure out components The VR lessons are easy and enjoyable and some of them are funny, while normal lesson are boring
Kidane Desalegn

It is very useful because it is easy to learn, it’s enjoyable and interesting VR only uses pictures please change to video it will be interesting and the selection type is very fast VR lessons are modern and any student can understand them and it saves time
Abel Tefera

The tool is useful to learn about engine maintenance and services It is enjoyable compared to reading a text book or listening to the lecturer
Tewodros Amdeberhan

It saves time and it is easy to understand, its like doing practical’s Learning the engine components was easy Learning how to do engine maintenance and solution was easy Because it is similar to doing practical’s I felt like I was touching the engine components
Asaye Kinfe

Ugandan students - on how VR lessons differed from normal lessons (2005)

It has been different because a lot has been taught in just a few hours which is not the case with our normal lessons.
Mary – Nakaseke

It’s practical since you can operate the VR [model] yourself and takes little time to learn so many things . . . I have learnt many things in one hour.
Harriet Birabwa – Nakaseke

It is different in . . . that I have seen with my eyes and even practice it now . . . as compared to my normal lesson where the pupils study something without seeing it.
Esther Nanange – Nakaseke

The VR lesson entails a quicker understanding of concepts underlying each lesson. It also enables quicker understanding of what is taught easily and continuously.
Otti Alfred Okello – St Henry’s College Kitovu

The VR lesson is different in a way that it shows clearly what one is learning…. With models being rotated in all the angles one would want to learn about it more and more
David Kansiime – St Henry’s College Kitovu

And, from Ugandan teachers on whether or not VR was a good way of teaching learning topics

VR is really good . . . once the student is able to actually see he/she can’t forget ….
Abraham Wassara – Makerere

Yes. I’m teaching Mathematics for example. I can design various models e.g. vector geometry models and save them for demonstration purposes
Mr Peter Ssenyimba – Kings College – Budo

From Zimbabwean farmers (2008)

VR helps us to get knowledge about fixing our fields – we did not have this knowledge

This brings reality into learning

The 3D approach makes concepts easy to understand

It’s not a one way process, everyone is involved

It was explained in Shona so we could understand

It was different from normal learning because you can see – not told

VR is a powerful tool in the development of our communities

It is very helpful – as an Agric. Teacher I would want to continually use VR in my lessons

From the AlexSan Kopano Community Centre in Alexandra, South Africa

I wish it can be introduced in an early level of education so that many students or learners will benefit a lot. – Zenzele Mofokeng – Alexandra

The programme was fabulous.
…It was different because in this case I got the information from a computer and it was fun the way it was designed. I have fallen for this programme. It has widened my horizon. (Thank you)…
If we have programmes like this one, where we use visualization, learning will be fun, exciting, interesting and enjoyable to do.
All I wanted to do is just to say thank you very much for this opportunity that I have learnt. I have learnt something about life skills through computer visuals because in life I run a life skills programme for young people.
I’m glad I was part of this team. -Nankie Kgoale – Alexandra

I would like VR sessions to be available for every youth especially in Alex because there are so many people which are hungry for success. -Ntombifuthi Shwayiba – Alexandra

VR lessons make the learning more enjoyable. It also makes me have self-confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to the computer visuals for making the learning easier for me -Ntombi – Alexandra

This is a perfect programme. I think youth or anyone else should have an opportunity to use this programme… It highlights all the possible and important issues about employment. It also shows us the importance of self-employment and working for someone else. I enjoyed it. -Boitumelo Khunou – Alexandra

What other SA students had to say

. . . I thought it was going to be one of those boring sessions, but this, it was exciting and modern. – Lebogang Masia – Soshanguve High School

This VR lesson differs a lot with our lesson because I’ve never seen so much magic before, it is more like watching a movie . .. -France Machele – Soshanguve High School

It is different from another lesson because it shows pictures so that you can understand more about the lesson or topic. -Kgothatso Maseko – Soshanguve High School

The most important thing was the rural hygiene topic which in my own words, I think is very important and helpful to people staying in the rural areas. -Tshepo Ndlovu – Mamelodi High School

It showed us some more pictures so it is different from normal lessons. In normal lessons sometimes you just hear but don’t see how you can understand. -Mathodi Masina – Mamelodi High School