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Business 101 for SMEs : The role of Shareholders, Managers and Workers

One Small Step for Man…

It’s a small milestone in the grand scheme of things, but we’re still proud that our 3D animation “How
Does a Business Work 101 – the Roles of Shareholders, Managers and Workers” has now topped 170 000
views and close to 3 000 likes on YouTube.

The animation caught a lot of attention at the start of the pandemic when universities had to go online
suddenly but needed good content. Comillas University in Madrid and Arizona State University are but
two that use it in their Business Management courses.
In case you missed it, click here to watch the video.
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SMEs are vital in any modern economy, but SMEs also face challenges. In South Africa, five of every
seven businesses fail in the first year.

We aim to create new short, high-impact videos using visual metaphors and 3D animations to explain
(and show) fundamental business principles; and make them available to any startup and to aspirant

Watch this space

Santiago Urío Rodríguez, Comillaqs University, ICADE, Madrid Hi, I came across a video on YouTube titled “What is a business”. I would like to use this video as part of the introduction to a Business Management course at Comillas University in Madri


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