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A compelling visual communication paradigm that builds on our visual strengths to grow the human mind, develop new skills and build new understanding…

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Virtual Reality Training in Southern Africa

New technology fills a gap that many governments and training institutions in Africa are struggling to bridge: the need for more skilled workers. Virtual reality training can offer opportunities in a number of fields, giving people access to knowledge which can be used to improve their lives.
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Capital city gears up for VR

The city of Tshwane, in partnership with EON Reality, recently launched a R140 million Interactive Digital Centre (IDC) to invest in local Virtual Reality (VR) educational content creation.
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Tshwane IDC Inauguration

Virtual Reality Takes Over South Africa. Watch the video here

Tshwane IDC VR Innovation Academy

We are looking for 50 bright candidates with creative minds and ‘can do’ attitudes to join the EON Entrepreneur School program

If you have a Diploma or Degree, along with a background knowledge of web media, programming, 3D modelling and/ or animation software, then you may be the right person to join us.

Successful candidates will get:

  • Free training (theoretical and practical) in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Digital Media
  • An 11 month programme, comprising 4 months of theory and 7 months of hands on experience on real projects
  • An opportunity to expand the world’s largest virtual 3D learning library and develop new virtual 3D labs.
  • An opportunity for potential employment with EON Reality (travel the world)
For more info about the programme, click here. To apply,please visit:

September 2015: Tshwane IDC

We are proud to announce our association with the new Tshwane Interactive Digital Centre (IDC), a result of a partnership between EON Reality Inc. and the City of Tshwane. The IDC, a first for Africa, and indeed the Southern Hemisphere, will be active in three areas:

1. VR showroom showcasing the world best VR technologies;
2. Training school, training up to 50 young people a year in the art of VR production;
3. Development studio: which will focus on the creation of Virtual Reality applications to accelerate vocational skills development, enhance STEM education, and nurture entrepreneurship in Tshwane, South Africa as well as in neighbouring countries.

The Naledi3d Factory’s 15 years of experience will be harnessed to establish and operate the Tshwane IDC, which will be a part of a global IDC network. It is EON Reality’s first IDC in Africa, and the second to focus on education and vocational skills development.
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September 2015: Homo Naledi - A new species of human relative

Well, it’s taken 2,5 million years for this event, but we are in the news once again…
The Naledi3d Factory is proud of our link to the origins of mankind, even if the link is in a name, but rising stars both, non the less…
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June 2015: Chainsaw use

With UNIDO, we are creating several simulations, Android based, that will explain the inner workings of a chainsaw and their maintenance. Operation; to support UNIO’s broader programme to revitalise forest training centres in the SADC region.

April 2015: Measurement for kids

With NMISA, a short, fun animated 3D video for kids that explains measurement, where measurement comes from and how today’s SI measurements are derived scientifically, using nature.

February 2015: Evaluation of the use of VR in Artisan training, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A formal evaluation of how the LKDF Interact diesel simulation was used in training, and it’s impacts at the Salem Vocational Training College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Report

February 2015: The Quality Infrastructure: an African SME perspective

With NMISA, we have created a 7 minute 3D animated video to tell the story of the Quality Infrastructure, and how the QI can benefit SME’s across Africa - using a banana producer, and, through the eyes of Eli, how a local carpenter can go on to supply furniture world-wide.

January 2015: School science in Singapore: VR Labs

Another VR project, this time to develop science simulations for EON Reality (Pte) in Singapore covering topics in Chemistry and Physics. They are to be hosted on the EON Experience learning portal.

December 2014: Tshegofatso Ramokgadi and Pam Sikwayo

We welcome Tshego and Pam to our ranks as Innovation Hub interns and both are already making a great contribution.

June 2008: Using VR for Human Development in Africa

Low literacy levels pose a significant challenge to education not only in Africa but elsewhere in the world. Traditional text-based education can’t readily address the needs of functionally illiterate communities, yet text continues to be used extensively. Language provides another barrier... Read more


VR in education

Ten years of our work in Africa
– a retrospective overview Read

What we do
The Naledi3d Factory uses VR to communicate concepts and practices in a wide range of disciplines including industrial training and safety awareness, health and sanitation, heritage, new technology concepts etc. including applications that can impact on community development. More>>

Why VR
VR is a powerful way to communicate ideas and concepts and allows us to create content that is both content and context rich – content that also engages the end-user. More>>

In the past, VR technologies were the reserve of wealthy “techies” with head-mounted displays and tactile gloves.

Today, we can bring this powerful interactive 3D medium to most desktop and notebook PC’s, tablets and smartphones - and hence, to virtually any community across Africa. More >>

We dream visually, we read visually. Therefore, by using VR to show concepts and knowledge in a visual way, we can dramatically enhance the level of understanding of any subject”

VR in Africa

The Naledi3d Factory is unique world-wide in its work exploring the use of VR to communicate concepts to people in emerging communities and have developed an enviable track record in this area.

In Africa, where poor literacy skills and language barriers pose a huge challenge to communication, VR comes into its own. It’s intensely visual nature overcomes these barriers by showing content – not telling.

Our work with emerging farmers in Zimbabwe was selected by the World Summit Awards (WSA) in 2009 for a special mention as “one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content” (selected from 20 000 nominations from 157 countries).

We are also the distributor of EON Reality Inc and Volfoni hardware and software solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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