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Naledi3d Factory Showcases at ASTS, 2023

As new 4IR technologies transform simulation and training, the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is looking to build new partnerships with the South African defence industry, including exploring new developments in immersive simulation and gaming tools in training and skills development.
At the recent Aerospace Simulation and Training Symposium, held at the Innovation Hub, Pretoria, in late July, the objective was to bring together the local defence industry and the SANDF and to identify new synergies that can create effective defence training solutions to help safeguard the sovereignty of South Africa.
Integrating new 3D simulation technologies into the defence sector can be a game-changer, as they can enhance training efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure better operational readiness in various areas. As South Africa continues to benefit from 4IR technologies, Interactive 3D simulations in training will play a key role in maintaining a robust and modern defence force.
The Naledi3d Factory and sixteen other prominent local companies used the opportunity to showcase their simulation and training solutions tailored to the needs of the SANDF.
Some of the companies demonstrated their more specialised solutions, while Naledi3d showcased our more agnostic training solutions that can be applied in training, for example, maintenance and standard operating procedures using virtual manuals.
The symposium was indeed a great opportunity for the Naledi3d Factory team to talk directly with members of the SANDF

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